Who We Are

Orain helps clients to get impressive results from the project. Orain's approach is very simple. Orain believes that, what matters about a company's project isn't how pretty it is or how clever the programming is; it's how successful the project is. And as any good business person knows, success doesn't come overnight. That's why Orain like to work with you over a reasonable period of time to gradually improve the results your project achieves.

How we do

We would anticipate any project taking maximum 12 weeks to complete. The exact speed of Design & development will be affected by client turnaround times for example Responding to system designs and project strength. Oraintech have more wing to do more spacious works, Such as "Intime Studio" is working for 3d related works. "Quattromind" works specially for printing & graphic related works. "Active Particle" do Photography, Cinematography, Corporate profile etc.