How we do it:

The project will involve Development Software. The system will be designed to the very highest standard and will reflect company's established corporate identity. We will use (PHP /C++) which will allow you to easily add content such as products, text and images to the system with a minimum of technical knowledge, within a tightly defined design framework. The inventory level and changes allow the company to plan for future need

Orain would undertake to do the following Software Development Process:
We Offer:

Orain Tech solution Offer full customized Software solutions. If you interested please email or contact us for customized solution. We will research on your company background and requirement then offer you a solution with different module and affordable price range. To Contact us please click here.

  • Education management system.
  • Hospital management system
  • Business management system

  • Our softer modules are:
    • Accounts
    • HR
    • Payroll
    • Inventory
    • 5Reports

We would anticipate the project taking 12 weeks to complete. The exact speed of design & development will be affected by client turnaround times, for example responding to designs etc.